Monday, 29 February 2016

Slight return

I am doing stuff honest, I am! Progress here has indeed been slow but there are things happening. Part of my weight loss plan involves more exercise and an unfortunate side-effect of this is that I am not finding enough time to paint. That said I am attempting to do a few hours on a Wednesday night when my legs are still recovering from playing Touch Rugby the night before.

And not one to miss a bandwagon, just get on it rather late - I picked up a copy of Dragon Rampant last month. A work trip allowed me to give it a good read and by crikey it seems rather excellent! Simple rules written very well and with just the right amount of daft humor dotted throughout. It's really got me excited to get a load more fantasy stuff done, and it turns out I have just enough old minis to scrape together 3 warbands.

First out of the blocks are going to be the Dwarves, slightly fitting after the recent news about Wayne England. I'm hoping to base these on a clan from my favourite way to waste time on the toilet at work - Battle for Wesnoth. If you don't know about this it's a rather fun little turn based skirmish game for your phone/laptop/tablet with a HUGE community producing content for it. Worth some time.

These are the first few stuntys off the painting blocks - A Thane from the Battle of Skull Pass box set I believe, and 2 of my old Norse Dwarves that survived the wilderness years.

And around the start of the month I actually finished some of the Malignancy Cultist types for the Stealer 40k Warband. See I told you I had done something!

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